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We are offering the following bakery equipment:
Flour sifter, water measuring tank, dough mixers both high speed and spiral, dough hoist, dough divider, rounder, moulder, auto panner, conveyor system, inter-prover, bakery machine, bakery proofer, rotary & swing tray baking oven, depanner, cooling tunnel & bread slicer and other bakery machinery. Cookie making plant, bun plant, toast machines, plantery mixer, pizza baking ovens, dough sheeters etc.

Rotary Rack Oven ( Bakery Oven )

Barker prefers Pritul Machines due to its unsurpassed even flow of heat, which results in perfectly baked products every time. Pritul's newly designed compact and comet Rack Ovens showcase exceptionally large Baking area with minimum space requirement and also fitted with a steam system which provides high volume and excellent baking for all products, results the best volume, shine, texture and crust in the market.

Spiral Mixer( 6 Speed Spiral Mixer )

ZAMS industrial Spiral Mixer, as the name suggests, it adds more volume to mixed product or say dough. Pritul's Industrial spiral mixer is used to mix all desired ingredients like wheat, sugar, allocation etc. It's six adjustable speeds of rotation for both spring and bowl gives maximum control of ingreding , dough development and better and product.all the 6 speeds are fully flexible, where we can set desired rpm, direction and time for each For the better results.


ZAMS high speed slicer machine capable of operating at 60 loaves per minute, depending on the product. RL.C electronic controls. Frequency inverter variable speed drive. Soft start, soft stop features reduce machine wear. Precision engineering design means reduced maintenance and less wear. Designed for low maintenance with the Maintenance Manager in mind. Speed ramp-up and slow-down capabilities for in-line mass production. Slicing blade angle set for optimum slicing efficiency.

Planetary Mixer( 6 Speed Planetary Mixer )

ZAMS planetary mixer can be used for cookies as well as cakes. It is built in strong body to ensure low vibrations and smooth functioning. It is fitted with scraper and mixer doesn’t need manual intermittent hand mixing. Motorized up down movement of bowl by imported gear motor for easy operation. The bowl descends and sits on the floor. The bowl then can be taken to the dropping machine.


Computerized machine for the automatic forming and dosing on trays of liquid, dense and hard dough. The computer can store various programs which makes products changeover simple and quick. The easy adjustment of the parameters of each program facilitates the operator in creating biscuits according to his fantasy. Wire cutting device permits the production of short pastry type cookies and similar from hard dough (optional). The machine is constructed in stainless steel & food grade concordant aluminium.


ZAMS Branded roll out dough machine provides the paste to get desired round formation, thanks to its adjustable leafs and the swivel conic for the pastes coming from the Divider scale. With its aluminium Teflon and air blower options, it has different and advanced designs.


ZAMS Branded volumetric dough divider machine processes the most sensitive past sort without damaging, like slicing with hand. Thanks to the well designed mechanism it slices with high sensitivity. The automatic speed adjustment is present if required. the surfaces in contact with the past and its hood are made of stainless steel.


ZAMS branded long formation machine with its renewed designing. Thanks to its special devices which are designed for the formation of the paste to any desired shape. It forms the past like a staff by the help of roller and pads. Thanks to its highly consistent, long life conveyor band and adjustable roller group, it can process the paste to any form. solo and double padded, two or four balled, there are four different models. the surfaces in contact with the paste and its hood are made of stainless steel.

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